Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rich's 30th Bday party

For Rich's birthday party, we had a Rock party. Guests came dressed as either rock stars or groupies. It was a LOT of fun! Here are some pics.

Evan LOVES to do the rock sign with his hands...especially when he's ready to rock out on Guitar Hero!

Here's Matt trying to prove to us that he really does ROCK!

Matt and Haley...Haley looks just a little embarrassed by her crazy husband!

Megan, Trevor and Kash rockin' out!

Rich and Trevor playing Battle of the Bands!!

Ben (or should I say Brett Michaels) and Steph posing for the camera.

Rich, Evan and I posing for the camera. Evan and I went at Rich's groupies!!

Mikey showing what a cool gangsta he is!

Kevin and Nicole just hangin' out

Steph and Brett showing off Brett's tattoo.

Tanner and Chandler showing off their cool tattoos.

Steph, Mikey, my Dad and Mom who showed up guessed it...The Village People!

A face only a mother could be proud of!

Chandler and Tanner lookin' cool.

Rich's supervisor is SO awesome! She felt bad that she wasn't going to be here to celebrate Rich's BIG birthday (30th) with him, so this is what he found on our front lawn that morning!!

They looked SO awesome! I made Rich pose by the sign so I could get a close up with the birthday boy! :)

He had an AWESOME birthday! Thanks to everyone who came to the party!!

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Kori said...

Yeah, something from the riddle's. Happy 30th Rich.