Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rich's 30th Bday party

For Rich's birthday party, we had a Rock party. Guests came dressed as either rock stars or groupies. It was a LOT of fun! Here are some pics.

Evan LOVES to do the rock sign with his hands...especially when he's ready to rock out on Guitar Hero!

Here's Matt trying to prove to us that he really does ROCK!

Matt and Haley...Haley looks just a little embarrassed by her crazy husband!

Megan, Trevor and Kash rockin' out!

Rich and Trevor playing Battle of the Bands!!

Ben (or should I say Brett Michaels) and Steph posing for the camera.

Rich, Evan and I posing for the camera. Evan and I went at Rich's groupies!!

Mikey showing what a cool gangsta he is!

Kevin and Nicole just hangin' out

Steph and Brett showing off Brett's tattoo.

Tanner and Chandler showing off their cool tattoos.

Steph, Mikey, my Dad and Mom who showed up guessed it...The Village People!

A face only a mother could be proud of!

Chandler and Tanner lookin' cool.

Rich's supervisor is SO awesome! She felt bad that she wasn't going to be here to celebrate Rich's BIG birthday (30th) with him, so this is what he found on our front lawn that morning!!

They looked SO awesome! I made Rich pose by the sign so I could get a close up with the birthday boy! :)

He had an AWESOME birthday! Thanks to everyone who came to the party!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Our trip to Heaven and Hell

This is my first post, and first attempt at being hip....
We just returned from what we call our trip to heaven and hell. Hell due to the extreme heat, and barren waste land of Yuma, and Heaven was our 3 days in San Diego. Oh and being able to hang out with family for the week. Some call that hell, but we really enjoy hanging out with our family.

Evan had a great time with the kids, and was happy to see he had friends to play with every morning. It was also nice for him to kick back and have a few drinks, and some fruit loops with his cousins (he started with 1%, and he worked his way up to chocolate, and strawberry milk).

After a few days of 115 degree tempratures we drove over to San Diego, and started our fun at Lego Land, Where Andrea and Evan became confused and started walking off with Lego Rich, and Evan's new Lego Brother.

Legoland was pretty awsome, everything was made of lego's. There were lego people, lego rides, lego fireman, lego cars, lego trains, lego gardens, lego dragons, lego castles, lego, well lego everything, we even had lego fruit snacks for the kids. Evan wasn't quite big enough to go on the rides, but we were able to go on one together.

The next day we went to Sea World, but before that we went to In N Out, where I became the proudest father of all time.

yes that is my son eating his first In N Out all by himself. That’s my boy!

Sea world was fun, we were able to catch a few shows, and see that big whale that everyone talks about. Evan really liked the fishy’s, and had a great time.

Friday we went and hung out at the San Diego Zoo. This was also a joyous time and Evan was able to feed the Giraffs (after his tight wad dad finally poneyed up 5 bucks)

After the Zoo we went to the beach, via the seenic route...... (Thanks for the tour Chuck) Evan again had a riot, it was the biggest sand box he had ever seen, and he went a little wild, we are still finding sand.

The boys at the beach

After a fun time at the beach we went on another tour (this time lead by Shawna's dad) through the land, and ended up next to Sea World. From this vantage point we were able to see 6 different firework shows, and kick back and have some fun. Andrea had a fun treat for the kids, and pulled out a tube of glow sticks. Grandpa even joined in the fun and began making accessories for his hat.

After the firework shows we booked it home to Yuma (AKA Hell) as we arrived at 1:00 am the temprature was 10 degrees warmer than the high in San Diego, thats just not right.

Saturday night was pool night. Chuck put together a wickedly delicious carne asada, and it was Mexican Night!!!! I have to say chuck is doing a real good job of becoming one with his community. The food was authentic, and mui goodo. Pool time was fun. Matt did his usual "Look at me, look what I can do", jumping off the tramp into the pool, and all his fun back flip twists, gainer, two cow sows and a tipple lux. It was quite the event. I of course showed off my talents, jumping high, and into the water, which results into "Surfs UP for the kids” Nothing like a little home made wave pool. I would post a picture, but no one wants to see that... so here are a couple more.

Sunday morning we all woke up and were getting ready for church. I had a great idea come to mind, I'll make breakfast. I started whipping up some pancakes, and bacon, and some eggs for everyone’s delight. As I announced that breakfast was ready I had very few takers. Hay hay came in and ate some pancakes, Andrea and Evan had a few, but for some reason chuck didn't want any, my dad continued to read his scriptures. and I wondered why is no one eating this fantastic feast... Well its fast Sunday Moron! (By the way thanks for reminding me everyone@!!!!!). Anyway we all went to church, and participated in the event that we sacrificed the heat for, the blessing of Damon. Chuck did a great job, and he barely cried (Damon that is). Good job Chuck! After church it was time for the feast. We had brisket, which was freaking fantastic (I made it of course), and the first time I have nailed it down to perfection. The meat pulled apart with only the use of a fork, and it was goooood.
The next morning was a nice 12 hour drive home, while everyone else flew. It went pretty good, nothing to exciting happened. And that was our trip.